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Lucee: hiccups when getting a new Express install running [+]
Adam Cameron's CFML Blog | 2/1/15 3:24 PM | Lucee
G'day:These are as much "notes to self" as anything else. Railo Express used to run on Jetty which was simply "unzip and run". Lucee express is now on Tomcat, and I think if one never had Railo / Lucee / Tomcat installed before it would also be "unzip and run", but I had a coupla hiccups along the way, so I thought I'd jot them down here to remind me what needs doing, and it might help other people if they get stuck too.

Setting up Lucee in my Dev Environment - Changing Ports [+]
Gavin Pickin - A Minute in the mind of Me | 2/1/15 3:00 PM | CFML Server, cfObjective, Lucee, Migrating to Railo, Server Admin, Tools and IDEs
A while back now, I released a series of posts on setting up Apache along with Railo, ColdFusion, in amulti engine setup, including some ways to make it easier to maintain virtualhosts in Apache, and Railo. Now, I’m getting the Lucee Express setup on my Dev environment, so I thought it would be a good time to rehash some of that, and see whats different, or what I’m doing differently these days. Lucee was just announced a few days ago, so the Express is designed for all OSes, the inst

Lucee, new fork of Railo, has launched [+]
Raymond Camden'sBlog | 2/1/15 3:00 PM | ColdFusion
This is definitely not new news, but I wanted to share it with folks who may have missed the myriad other posts as well. As the title says, Lucee was launched as a fork of the Railo project. I haven’t used Railo much (typically only when a client requires it), so I don’t follow that “world” much, but if you want to know more about the why of it I encourage you to read Adam’s announcement post

Now running on Lucee 4.5 [+]
madfellas | 2/1/15 4:42 AM | CFML, Lucee
The big news in the CFML community this week is that Railo has been forked as Lucee, backed by the Lucee Association Switzerland. I'd encourage anyone who supports open-source CFML to become a supporter and help drive the project forward.

Using WebSQL - Pulling Data - Start Thinking Async vs Sync [+]
Gavin Pickin - A Minute in the mind of Me | 2/1/15 1:00 AM | Javascript, WebSQL
In today's post on WebSQL, I’m going to show you how I had to refactor my application, to move from sync LocalStorage functions and storage, over to using WebSQL, which has an ASYNC API for transactions. In the last few posts, I have gone over why I chose WebSQL for this Application, and how to get Started with WebSQL etc, and had to post a correction to some assumptions I had made, so now we’re ready to move on and get some data out of the db, and thrown intoour application.

CFML: the evolution of functionality [+]
Adam Cameron's CFML Blog | 1/31/15 10:26 PM | CFML, ColdFusion, Lucee
G'day:Right, enough Lucee stuff for the time being. CFML. I still remember CFML.As you all know, I am very unhappy about how Adobe and Railo had dealt with porting some residual tag-only functionality from tags to a script-sensible implementation.I'm going to work through why they're both wrong and why I'm right in this article. Hey, I might as well lay my cards out, right?<cfsavecontent>I've

CBRNetwork Shows [+]
codebass | 1/31/15 9:00 PM | Uncategorized
Welcome to the future home of all things CBR Network! In the meantime, please visit one of the following.. CBR Network Video CodeBass Radio CBR Network / CodeBass Radio Press Kit Original CodeBass Project Site A sample of the places we’ve been a

Lucee: what to tell your boss about this whole RailoLucee thing [+]
Adam Cameron's CFML Blog | 1/31/15 8:46 PM | Lucee
G'day:I'm sure the Lucee bods will come out with their own whitepaper on this shortly, but here are my thoughts / analsyes.RailoRailo has basically discontinued. I am 95% confident there will never be another release of Railo. Any bug fixes will only ever be done by the residual community. However most of the community itself never really participated in committing.Railo is no longer a viable option to continue with, in a commerical context. So this pretty

Lucee: Discourse vs Google group (clarification) [+]
Adam Cameron's CFML Blog | 1/31/15 8:07 PM | Lucee
G'day:Just to clarify the situation with which forums people should be using for general Lucee chatter: there are currently two different forums that have been variously promoted:the Lucee Discourse forumthe Lucee Google GroupThe reason for this is that during launch, there were some teething problems with Discour

I am a card-carrying member of Lucee [+]
Adam Cameron's CFML Blog | 1/31/15 7:45 PM | Lucee
G'day:I've just signed-up for Lucee Membership, at "Supporter" level (this is the lowly US$9/month option... that's six quid / €8). I currently don't have anything to show for it except for a receipt, so that's not very exciting.

Remove Geometrixx content from AEM 6.0 SP1 [+]
Omnicypher - Michael Imhoff | 1/31/15 3:00 PM | AEM/CQ
The standard curl command wasn't working for uninstalling the geometrixx packages in AEM 6.0.  In order to do so, you need to add /day/cq60/product into the package name/location as in: curl -u admin -X POST http://localhost:4503/crx/packmgr/service/.json/etc/packages/day/cq60/product/

Monkey-Patching The $q Service Using $provide.decorator() In AngularJS [+]
Kinky Solutions | 1/31/15 2:00 PM | Javascript / DHTML
Ben Nadel monkey-patches the $q service, in AngularJS, by defining a decorator that intercepts the service instantiation. This provides a perfect opportunity to append the .fcall() method for promise chain execution....

Pre-mature Optimization - Pre-mature Blog - Gotcha WebSQL Open Database [+]
Gavin Pickin - A Minute in the mind of Me | 1/31/15 8:00 AM | Javascript, Techie Gotchas, WebSQL
I have written a few posts so far about WebSQL, why I like it, especially in this cross platform Cordova / Phonegap Appdevelopment world, and a getting started post, where I was wrong. Yes, I Pre-maturely posted that Blog, so this is me fixing it, of course, I edited the original post right away, but here, I’ll go into what I stated wrong, and how it took me way too long to figure out I was wrong, and how sometimes Pre-mature Optimization isn’t needed, but sometimes, it will help show you how

Railo is dead; long live Lucee! [+]
Coldfusion Developer | 1/31/15 3:00 AM | CFML, Lucee
Big news came from the Railo front the 29th of January: Railo is abandoned by it's founders, and the same code project will now live on as Lucee. The underlying code remains the same, but the name changes, as does the organizational type. The new site is The commercial company The

Thank you, Jack Wilber [+]
Raymond Camden'sBlog | 1/30/15 9:00 PM | Misc
As I prepare to leave Adobe, I want to acknowledge the enormous amount of help I had from Jack Wilber. One of the Adobe benefits I had was the use of an editor, and Jack has been helping improve my blog posts over the past few years. He never once complained about my constant misuse of its and it’s or than and then. I’m double checking this post as well to ensure I didn’t miss anything, but most likely, I did. Thanks Jack, you’re awesome.

Login Requirements for Sometimes You Have To Use Last Name, Sometimes You Don't [+]
Josh Adam's Blog | 1/30/15 7:28 PM | Travel, Drivel, Delta Air Lines
Delta Air Lines operates their main website at To the best of my recollection, for a long time the only way to login to (and before that, was using a SkyMiles number and its corresponding 4-digit PIN (so you used SkyMiles number + 4-digit PIN). At a certain point, this changed such that the corresp

My Thoughts on James Harvey's Apology [+]
FusionGrokker | 1/30/15 7:00 PM | Meta
In my last entry I detailed all of the evidence we could amass for the systematic and repeated plagiarism of James Harvey, aka WebDevSourcerer before he erased his existence from the internet. (We still have and the google cache, but I think we've built a pretty solid case against him already, why spend more effort?) I knew at the time that Dave

Whats better than Firefox Developer Tools? Firefox Developer Edition [+]
Gavin Pickin - A Minute in the mind of Me | 1/30/15 6:00 PM | Javascript, Tools and IDEs
In the world we work in, the Web world, there are lots of IDEs and tools out there. One of the best tools to ever come out for Web / Javascript development, and made developing in Javascript even possible I thing, was Firebug. These days most modern browsers have web tools, and they're getting better every day. Some like Firefox's Dev tools, others prefer Chrome, and I have heard that IE 11s are actually pretty amazing. Each suite of test tools one ups the other, and the innovation is good fo

Elaborating on an Adobe blog entry today, related to tweaking CFCLASSES to solve slow CF startup [+]
Charlie Arehart's Blog | 1/30/15 6:00 PM | cf9, cf8, admin, cfmx, cf911, cf10, cf11, tuning, troubleshooting
The fine folks at the Adobe CF blog posted a blog entry today, on "Sometimes ColdFusion services refuse to start normally post server restart" (by Rahul Upadhyay), which offers some helpful information on one possible solution to the stated problem. That said, there are some concerns I have, with respect to how I fear some may re

Pruning for Growth (Less is More) [+]
ColdBox Blog | 1/30/15 5:00 PM | Tips & Tricks
ColdBox 4.0 is the most significant change in the framework since it was first introduced. Go ahead - let that soak in a bit. Now, what do I mean by that? Lots. Too much for a single blog post to do justice without becoming tl;dr. That's just how big these changes are. Pruning One of the key aspects to ColdBox 4.0 is what is not actuallyinColdBox 4.0. Yo

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