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Lucee 5: simpler access to environment variables [+]
As simple as possible, as complex as necessary | 10/18/17 5:00 PM
Lucee now has a built-in way of accessing environment variables

Building Your First Serverless Composition with IBM Cloud Functions [+]
Raymond Camden'sBlog | 10/18/17 4:00 PM
A few days ago I blogged about the new Composer functionality for IBM Cloud Functions and OpenWhisk. This is a incredibly cool release and I'm going to try my best to demonstrate it over the next few weeks. In today's post I'm going to focus on what the process is like. By that I mean, how do I go from idea to actually using it and testing it. This won't be terribly different from

DevTools Tips for Progressive Web Apps [+]
Raymond Camden'sBlog | 10/17/17 4:00 PM
As this month is apparently "blog everything I can about PWA month", I wanted to share some quick notes on how I'm using DevTools, specifically Chrome (but I'll quickly look at Edge, Firefox, and Safari) to work with and debug progressive web apps (PWAs). To be clear, this will not cover every aspect of DevTools related to PWAs, but rather focus on what's been helpful to me so far. Starting Off First off - I generally stick to the "mainli

Not Speaking at CFCamp 2017 [+]
South of Shasta | 10/17/17 12:00 AM | CF Camp, Speaking Engagements
This really bums me out to post.  Due to various flight and travel issues making it very unsafe, I had to cancel my trip to Germany and I won’t be speaking at CFCamp this year. :( I’ve spoken at over 30 conferences and this is the first one I’ve had to cancel.

All you want to know about Adobe ColdFusion Summit Podcast [+]
Adobe ColdFusion Blog | 10/16/17 9:00 PM | Links
It’s not too late to sign up for Adobe ColdFusion Summit 2017. In case you wanted to find out more information, please check out this podcast interview from TeraTech with Elishia Dvorak that goes over some Q&A about what we’re planning for the event. Everything you need to know about Adobe ColdFusion Summit

Review: Building Progressive Web Apps [+]
Raymond Camden'sBlog | 10/16/17 4:00 PM

Using The LESS CSS fade Method To Apply Opacity To A HEX Color [+]
Kinky Solutions | 10/16/17 3:00 PM | HTML / CSS
Ben Nadel shares a quick LESS CSS tip that he learned from Wes Bos - you can use the fade() method to apply an opacity to a HEX value....

Patterns Of Enterprise Application Architecture By Martin Fowler [+]
Kinky Solutions | 10/14/17 3:00 PM | Books
Ben Nadel reviews Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture by Martin Fowler. At 15-years old, the book feels just as relevant today as it did when it was released. And, while a good portion of the book went over Ben's head, much of it was thought-provoking and reassuring....

NCDevCon 2017 - Wrap Up [+]
NCDevCon | 10/13/17 3:00 PM | 2017
  Thanks to everyone who attended NCDevCon 2017. Below you will find a link to session videos and resources provided by the speakers. Videos Videos can be found on YouTube: Please note: All the videos may not be online yet! Keep checking back! Resources Taking Application Design to the Next Level with MVC by Carl Von Stetten

Some Progressive Web App Tips [+]
Raymond Camden'sBlog | 10/13/17 3:00 PM
Yesterday I blogged about my experience turning a simple front-end application into a PWA. Since then I've had some things come up that I wanted to share related to PWA (Progessive Web Apps). This is a bit of a random collection of items but I hope it's helpful. Web App Install Banner Stuff As a reminder, the [Web App Install Banner] feature is

Critical Security Update for Mura CMS: Version 6.1 and Earlier [+]
Mura CMS Blog | 10/12/17 9:00 PM | Mura 6, Security
An independent researcher has found a significant security vulnerability in Mura CMS that affects all instances currently on or upgraded from core versions 6.1 and earlier.

Critical Security Update For Mura CMS: Version 6.1 and Earlier [+]
Mura CMS Blog | 10/12/17 7:00 PM | Mura 6, Security
A significant security vulnerability in Mura CMS that affects all instances installed with core version 6.1 and earlier. A simple patch has been released and must be manually applied.

Turning My No Man's Sky App Into a PWA [+]
Raymond Camden'sBlog | 10/12/17 6:00 PM
A few weeks back I blogged about an app I built for one of my favorite games, "No Man's Sky." The app was a simple single page app (SPA) that let me calculate items I needed to complete goals in the game. I've spent the last month or so researching PWAs (Progressive Web Apps) and while I'm far from being an expert, I feel comfortable enough now to look into how I can enhance my

Win a Ticket for Adobe ColdFusion Summit – Las Vegas, 2017 with FusionReactor [+]
FusionReactor Java Performance Monitor: Blog | 10/12/17 4:00 PM | News
The FusionTeam will once again be PLATINUM sponsors of this great event – make sure you join us and the Adobe ColdFusion Team in Las Vegas! We will be showing off the new major release of FusionReactor, which is FR 7 as well as FusionReactor CLOUD. To celebrate this, we are giving away a free […]

Applying CSS Styles To Routable Child Views Using Simulated Encapsulation In Angular 4.4.4 [+]
Kinky Solutions | 10/12/17 2:00 PM | Javascript / DHTML
Ben Nadel demonstrates how to apply CSS styles to routable view components when using simulated encapsulation in Angular 4.4.4....

Closing Secondary Router-Outlet Views From Within The Named-Route View Components In Angular 4.4.4 [+]
Kinky Solutions | 10/12/17 2:00 PM | Javascript / DHTML
Ben Nadel demonstrates how to create a secondary-route component that is capable of closing itself in Angular 4.4.4. It doesn't seem to be possible with the routerOutlet directive; only with the .navigate() service method....

Adobe MAX Live Online [+]
Ben Forta | 10/12/17 2:00 PM | Appearances, AdobeMAX17, MAX
If you can't make it to Las Vegas for Adobe MAX 2017, despair not, you can watch the two keynotes live online.

Visit The MAX Community Pavilion [+]
Ben Forta | 10/12/17 2:00 PM | Appearances, AdobeMAX17, MAX
We're just days away from Adobe MAX 2017 in Las Vegas, NV. If you are attending (you should!), be sure to visit the Community Pavilion for all sorts of interaction, fun, games, tech, an creativity.

Serverless Composition with IBM Cloud Functions [+]
Raymond Camden'sBlog | 10/12/17 2:00 PM
Today IBM announced a very important update to IBM Cloud Functions and OpenWhisk. This is a pretty huge update and is incredibly important for folks doing serverless with OpenWhisk on the IBM Cloud platform. I'm going to do my best to explain what these updates are and why I'm excited about them. As I said, this is a big update. So today I just want to give you my take on things and later on, I've got a set of examples to share that may help m

Scaling Dedicated Game Servers with Kubernetes: Part 3 – Scaling Up Nodes [+]
Compound Theory | 10/9/17 4:00 PM | Containers, Docker, Game Dev, Kubernetes, Scaling Dedicated Game Servers with Kubernetes
This is part three of a five-part series on scaling game servers with Kubernetes. In the previous two posts we looked at hosting dedicated game servers on Kubernetes and measuring and limiting their memory and CPU resources. In this instalment we look at how we can use the CPU information from the previous post to […]

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