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Cisco AnyConnect on Surface Pro 3 [+]
Matt Woodward's Blog | 2/27/15 3:00 PM | AnyConnect, Surface Pro, Windows, Windows 8.1
If you get the dreaded "failed to initialize connection subsystem" error when trying to use AnyConnect on the Surface Pro 3, or on Windows 8.1 in general for that matter (though it works fine for me on my ThinkPad T540p), there's a lot of differing opinions on how to fix it so I thought I'd share the one that worke

Quick Cordova tip – Preventing multiple sounds at once [+]
Raymond Camden'sBlog | 2/27/15 3:00 PM | Development, Mobile
I’m working on a simple application that acts – a bit – like a sound board. You select an item, click a button, and you hear an MP3. While letting one of my kids play with it, they quickly discovered that if they hit the button multiple times in a row, the sound would play multiple times, overlapping each other. While not the end of the world (this is the kind of bug that would only occur if the user was trying to do exactly that), I thought I should probably prevent

Using Plupload To Upload Files Directly To Amazon S3 Using PUT And Pre-Signed (Query String Authenticated) URLs [+]
Kinky Solutions | 2/27/15 8:00 AM
Ben Nadel looks at how to patch the Plupload library so that it can upload files to Amazon S3 using pre-signed (query string authentication) URLs....

HTML 5 Search Input with jQuery Multi Token Search [+]
Gavin Pickin - A Minute in the mind of Me | 2/27/15 7:00 AM | Javascript, jQuery
Recently I found myself playing with another HTML 5 form element, the Search Input. Of course the form field support is not there yet… so I decided to use jQuery’s version since I was already using jQuery Mobile on an App.Quite a nice upgrade, it gives you some standard features that you might normally struggle to complete on your own… like the rounded corners, and the cancel/clear search field. Of course webkit goes further with remembering the last x searches, and can even fire a “search” e

CF911: Help, How do I connect sites to a new instance w/ the ColdFusion 10/11 webserver config tool? [+]
Charlie Arehart's Blog | 2/27/15 4:00 AM | admin, cf911, cf10, cf11, webserver
This one causes a lot of heartburn for folks: you add a new instance in CF10 or 11 (in editions other than Standard, which do support adding instances), and you find that you can't seem to have the web server configuration tool (wsconfig) connect sites to that new instance(s). You never see the new instance listed in the UI of the wsconfig tool. What gives? The solution is relatively easy, and the problem could maybe be fixed (or at least warned about) by Adobe (and I just filed a bug re

Guerilla tactics to force Adobe's hands [+]
Adam Cameron's CFML Blog | 2/27/15 3:00 AM | Adobe, ColdFusion
G'day:It's Friday afternoon and I'm in a cheeky mood.I dunno if you spend much time voting on ColdFusion issues, but I do. And if you do, you have probably fallen foul of this message when you vote:Vote must be between 25 and 4000 characters No. No Adode, no. A vote should be precisely one mouseclick: "Vote". There's a comments box for comments, that's different. A vote is a vote.I've raised this with Adobe an awful lot, but their atti

ColdBox 4.0 Removed Plugins [+]
ColdBox Blog | 2/26/15 4:00 PM | Modules, Plugins, Tips & Tricks
ColdBox Plugins have graduated to become just models. Thepluginsconvention has been removed and all references to plugin injection or DSL's are gone. You must now place all your plugins in yourmodelsdirectory and request them viagetInstance()orgetModel()calls. Plugins are an old ColdBox convention but their baggage doesn't really serve a purpose now that we have modules for easy packaging of libraries and WireBox for easy creation of CFCs. Neither of those existed back when Plugins were birthed.

Reminder – You don’t need AppCache for PhoneGap/Cordova [+]
Raymond Camden'sBlog | 2/26/15 1:00 PM | Development, Mobile
I’ve seen this come up a few times recently, and it was mentioned in a presentation I attended yesterday on PhoneGap, but just as a reminder, stop worrying about AppCache and PhoneGap/Cordova. It may not be entirely clear to people new to hybrid mobile development, but your application is on the device itself. AppCache makes no sense in this regard. It is a bit like having an HTML file on your desktop. Whether you are online or not does not matt

Be Careful With Compound Conditions In AngularJS (And JavaScript In General) [+]
Kinky Solutions | 2/26/15 8:00 AM | Javascript / DHTML
Ben Nadel looks at how compound conditions work in JavaScript; and, how that needs to be applied to an AngularJS view so that you don't get unexpected behaviors....

Dan Kraus - "more CF devs need to leave The Shire for a bit" [+]
Adam Cameron's CFML Blog | 2/26/15 2:46 AM | CFML, Community Members, Dan Kraus, Rhetoric
G'day:I'm going through my in box today, catching up with all the comments ppl have made that I've not replied to.Dan Kraus made a comment the other week on that article "Lucee: does its future include CFML?". It and its follow-up warrant repeating and more eyeballs on it, so I said I

Dynamically Adding Forms To and Removing Forms From Django Formsets [+]
Matt Woodward's Blog | 2/26/15 2:00 AM | Django, Python
For my latest big project I am running into numerous situations in which I need to dynamically add forms to and remove forms from Django formsets, which turned into an interesting and fun challenge, and led to a lot of learning about how Django formsets work along with some ancillary details (like the behavior of the jQuery UI datepicker when you manipulate the DOM) that I wasn't necessarily expecting t

CFML: trying to understand accessors [+]
Adam Cameron's CFML Blog | 2/25/15 11:40 PM | CFML
G'day:I've decided I'm the wrong person to be writing a book on CFML, given I clearly don't bloody understand even the fundamentals of it, in places. And this is after using it daily for over a dozen years.I thought I understood CFCs in CFML inside out. No.I'm writing up the chapter on OO in CFML (Gifford has covered this "

Dom posts interesting feedback [+]
Adam Cameron's CFML Blog | 2/25/15 10:15 PM | Dominic Watson, Rhetoric
G'day:I was gonna just bury this as a response to a comment in the original article, but I've decided Dom's comment is really excellent, so I'm promoting his comment & my feedback to be an article.This was in reaction to my "Regarding codes of conduct and the nature of forum participation" article from a few days ago.

The UDFLibraryFile setting is now "applicationHelper" [+]
ColdBox Blog | 2/25/15 7:00 PM | Tips & Tricks
If you have a ColdBox config setting UDFLibraryFile, then you'll want to change it when upgrading to ColdBox 4.0. It functions the same, but is now called applicationHelper. applicationHelper is an optional setting where you can declare the path to a UDF template to load for usage in the views, layouts and event handlers. You can use relative paths to your application's root or ColdFusion mappings. For example if I have my udf template called udf.cfm in my includes directory I would use: compone

76 Days Until Into The Box [+]
Into the Box Conference | 2/25/15 7:00 PM | Uncategorized
Hello Everyone! Time is passing by quickly and The Into The Box conference gets closer every day (all the info here..) Remember, May 12th, 2015, 1 day before dev.Objective, that is the day where all your Box-dreams will come true! Don't forget to secure your ticket in time. This week's feature speaker is : Curt Gratz Curt Gratz I am a Co-Owner of Computer Know How, a Wisconsin based technology firm and ColdBox Alliance Partner. I have been working with CFML since 1997 (version 4) doing software

Learn Dreamweaver Web Design [+]
Ben Forta | 2/25/15 6:00 PM | Creative Cloud
The latest update to Adobe Dreamweaver CC includes a rich set of tutorials available directly inside the app. Not only are the tutorials aesthetically engaging, they provide meaningful, relevant content for established and aspiring web designers. Maile Valentine has

Creating A Factory Provider For The Configuration Phase In AngularJS [+]
Kinky Solutions | 2/25/15 8:00 AM | Javascript / DHTML
Ben Nadel looks at factory providers and how they can be exposed during the configuration phase, of an AngularJS application, such that the developer can alter service behaviors....

Regarding codes of conduct and the nature of forum participation [+]
Adam Cameron's CFML Blog | 2/24/15 10:00 PM | Alex Skinner, Andrew Myers, Kai Koenig, Lucee, Mark Drew, Rhetoric
G'day:There's been discussion about a Code of Conduct for the Lucee Google Group. Well without having the bottle to actually describe it as such... indeed going so far as to suggest that isn't what this thread was floating: "Tone and community guidelines".Despite knowing full-well that some of the points are directed at least partially (or possibly entirely) at

Migrating servers on Google Compute Engine [+]
Raymond Camden'sBlog | 2/24/15 8:00 PM | Development
So, as folks know, I’ve been struggling a bit with my server here. Last night MySQL went down around 10PM, and while normally I’m up there, I had gone to bed early so I didn’t restart it till 6AM this morning. That’s a heck of a long time for it to be down. I decided to reach out again for help as well as start looking seriously at Jekyll. I prefer Harp but after watching Brian Rinaldi’s demo of

FW/1 3.0 Released! [+]
FW/1 - The Invisible Framework | 2/24/15 7:00 PM
I’m pleased to announce that after lots of user testing and almost no issues found, the Gold Release of FW/1 3.0 is now available! About two and a half weeks ago I released FW/1 3.0 RC 2 and only one minor issue was reported (an inconsistency between buildURL() and buildCustomURL() regardi

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