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Average Request Time: Lucee 4.5 vs ColdFusion 9 [+]
As simple as possible, as complex as necessary | 8/4/15 12:00 PM
Running on the same server, Lucee 4.5 appears to process requests around twice as fast as ColdFusion9 on average.

CFML: revision to thread syntax (revisited) [+]
Adam Cameron's CFML Blog | 8/4/15 8:00 AM | CFML, Multi-threading, Promises
G'day:Whilst messing around JavaScript Promises ("JavaScript: getting my brain around Promises" and "JavaScript: expectations re-adjusted re Promises") a week or so ago, I also started looking at how CFML's innate multi-threadedness, and how one would leverage this along with a CFML Promise implementation to be

Tech press bias [+]
lagod | 8/4/15 12:00 AM | General Tech
Will Windows 10 Win Developers Back To Microsoft? This is a relatively balanced article on the issues facing Microsoft in growing developer mindshare, containing many balanced points. But I’m going to use it as a bit of a punching bag because I’m frustrated with the poor reporting and almost unbelievable levels of bias in the tech media. Sorry PW &

Is the Web Really in Trouble? [+]
Remote Synthesis | 8/3/15 2:00 PM
This morning I published a post on the Telerik Developer Network that asks the question “What’s Wrong with the Web?”? If you read about web development at all (and apparently you do, since you are reading this), you can’t possibly have missed the long list of posts declaring that the web, as we know it, is in serious jeopardy. The main issues are: The web is

Switch Cases Do Not Have To Be Static In JavaScript [+]
Kinky Solutions | 8/3/15 12:00 PM | Javascript / DHTML
Ben Nadel demonstrates that JavaScript switch cases do not have to be static - switch cases can use dynamic variable values....

PHP: Has PHP7 implemented function return-type checking syntax poorly? [+]
Adam Cameron's CFML Blog | 8/3/15 8:00 AM | PHP, PHP 7
G'day:I had a look at PHP 7's new (but very late tot he party) capability to type-check function return types the other day ("PHP 7: functions can now have type-checking on their return values"). The functionality kinda works OK, but I think the syntax is off:[access modifier] [static modifier] functionName([[type]

More on Tomcat "Status Worker", as discussed recently by Adobe [+]
Charlie Arehart's Blog | 8/3/15 6:00 AM | tomcat, cf10, cf11, monitoring, webserver, troubleshooting
If you're running CF 10 or 11, there's a very interesting post on the Adobe CF blog, from July 19, entitled, Configuring Status Worker in Connectors. The Adobe blog post title may not have caught your attention, but it's about setting up a lightweight and built-in Tomcat monitoring feature for observing the status of the Tomcat web server connector. You may want to consider enabling it, but I would ad

Review: REST Web APIs: The Book [+]
Raymond Camden'sBlog | 8/2/15 3:00 PM | Uncategorized
Before I begin, a quick disclaimer. I’ve known Adam for a long time, so my review may be a bit colored by the fact that I’m friends with him. Of course, the flip side to that is that on more than one occasion I’ve fought with him over something or another o

A Quick Look At Rendering White Space Using JSX In ReactJS [+]
Kinky Solutions | 8/1/15 1:00 PM | Javascript / DHTML
Ben Nadel looks at how JSX renders white space in ReactJS when different combinations of elemental a non-elemental nodes are defined on different physical lines of JSX code....

How JSX Renders Different Data Types In ReactJS [+]
Kinky Solutions | 8/1/15 7:00 AM | Javascript / DHTML
Ben Nadel looks at how JSX renders different date types in ReactJS; and, how that can be leveraged to conditionally output certain strings and elements....

NCDevCon 2015 Session-Javascript Promises - Control your asynchronicity [+]
NCDevCon | 7/31/15 6:00 PM | 2015
Javascript Promises - Control your asynchronicity Still using callbacks to manage your asynchronous workflow in Javascript? As ES6 Harmony nears release, it's time to add Promises to your Javascript toolbox. Promises provide a more manageable layer over your asynchronous workflow, allowing you to avoid those callback-within-a-callback layers known as 'callback hell'. We'll use the Bluebird.js library to cover multiple Promise patterns, and cover how to Promisify existing callback-

Senior ColdFusion Dev freelance job - Remote [+]
Aaron Longnion's Tech Blob | 7/31/15 5:00 PM | coldfusion, cfml, mongodb, backbonejs, web development, freelance, job, coldbox
Posting this job for a friend, Alex Sante. Please email Alex your resume and a bit about yourself - alexandersante {at} gmail.Why work there?work remotely from homeflexible work scheduleAlex is a very articulate, organized, smart full-stack developer and project manager who is great to work withfun, modern technologies project is for the largest charter school company in the USwill probably lead to additional freelanc

NCDevCon 2015 Session-Build out of this world apps with METEOR! [+]
NCDevCon | 7/31/15 3:00 PM | 2015
Build out of this world apps with METEOR! Web applications went from being a static site with a single form and perl script to full on AJAX implementations and RIA stacks. In this session we shall present the METEOR stack! A suberb way to create super responsive and fast applications that are a delight to use and develop. Using one language (to rule them all), JavaScript, for both the front and back end, in this session you will see how you can: Build modern web applications tha

Object Mode Streams Do Not Decode Strings Into Buffers In Node.js [+]
Kinky Solutions | 7/31/15 7:00 AM | Javascript / DHTML
Ben Nadel looks at how string decoding works with streams running in Object Mode in Node.js. As it turns out, there is no decoding - there is no transformation of any kind to the values moving through an Object Mode stream....

Should The Relationship Between Object Mode And Read Size Be Symmetric In Node.js Streams? [+]
Kinky Solutions | 7/31/15 7:00 AM | Javascript / DHTML
Ben Nadel thinks about Object Mode, in Node.js, and whether or not the relationship between Object Mode and .push() intent should be symmetric. TLDR; it should....

SQL Video Tutorials Released [+]
Ben Forta | 7/31/15 4:00 AM | SQL, Books
I recently mentioned that I was working on a SQL tutorial video series based on my best-selling Sams Teach Yourself SQL books (and their spin-offs). Well, the videos are now online, close to 3 hours of yours truly walking you through getting started with SQL. The lessons are based on the flow and format of the SQL books, even using the same examples and sample data, and are designed to be used in conjunction with the books if so desired. The videos are on

deORM() [+]
FusionGrokker | 7/31/15 12:00 AM | ColdFusion, Hibernate, Open Source
Here's a little UDF that I just finished writing that I think will be useful to those of you that use ColdFusion's ORM. The root of the problem is that doing a <cfdump> on an ORM entity is not really "safe" because its relationships will all be loaded and dumped too (unless you use the "top" attribute, which is poorly implemented). For a while I got around this by using

NCDevCon 2015 Session-Create Offline Mobile Apps with Couchbase Mobile [+]
NCDevCon | 7/30/15 6:00 PM | 2015
Create Offline Mobile Apps with Couchbase Mobile What happens when your mobile device does not have a network connection? That device will have no content, no experience and the amazing application that you spent so much effort to build just simply will not work. This talk would be around the implementation story of creating offline and online applications on Mobile. The journey begins with NoSQL database modeling and what we can do with a NoSQL technology for mobile. The s

NCDevCon 2015 Session-Ludology in JavaScript [+]
NCDevCon | 7/30/15 6:00 PM | 2015
Ludology in JavaScript An introduction to some of the building blocks of video games, using concepts you already know from making web apps to show you how to get started making games in the browser. We'll look at data storage, state management, game loops, procedural generation, and more, with examples using rot.js and Phaser. About Kevin Zurawel

Cordova/Ionic Sample App: My Sound Board [+]
Raymond Camden'sBlog | 7/30/15 4:00 PM | Development, JavaScript, Cordova, Ionic
Today’s demo is something I started working on Sunday “for fun”, but when it turned into an unholy mess (see Recording and saving audio in Cordova applications), it took me a bit longer to wrap than I expected. The idea was simple. “Sound Boards” are apps that contain a collection of sounds, typically related to a movie or TV show. My coworker

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