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Calling remote services from Ionic Serve [+]
Raymond Camden'sBlog | 9/1/15 8:00 PM | Development, JavaScript, Mobile, Ionic
A coworker pinged me today with an interesting question: I am sure you may have encountered this error when using IONIC SERVE locally. XMLHttpRequest cannot load No ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ header is present on the requested resource. Origin ‘http://localhost:8100’ is therefore not allowed access. Essentially I am calling the URL via the $http.get() method from a factory. Ionic appe

An Example of What ColdFusion Needs in the Next Version [+]
FusionGrokker | 9/1/15 4:00 PM | ColdFusion
Let me say up front that I am not in a particularly forgiving mood. So I may be a bit more critical here than you might consider fair. But I contrast your fairness with: It's 2015 and we're expecting ColdFusion 12 to be released in the next... well... sometime. You never can tell what the release schedule is like any more. But the point is: version twelve. Of a programming language. In 2015. I found myself today writing this code:

Two Months Free Creative Cloud For Teachers And Students With Prepayment [+]
Ben Forta | 9/1/15 4:00 PM | Creative Cloud, Education
Adobe Creative Cloud is available at a discount for students and teachers. In addition to education discounts of up to 66%, for a limited time you can also get two months free when you prepay.

Handling Plupload's Uploader Init Race Condition In AngularJS [+]
Kinky Solutions | 9/1/15 1:00 PM | Javascript / DHTML
Ben Nadel demonstrates a race condition in Plupload's uploader initialization algorithm and how it can be [somewhat] mitigated in your AngularJS code....

The User Experience (UX) Of Value In Web Application Design [+]
Kinky Solutions | 9/1/15 11:00 AM | User Experiernce (UX), Work
Ben Nadel considers the user experience (UX) of "value" in web application design and how value should never be considered in isolation. It is a complex topic that must be explored in a greater context....

Bane On JavaScript [+]
Kinky Solutions | 9/1/15 11:00 AM | Javascript / DHTML
Bane on JavaScript. Ahh, you think JavaScript is your ally. You merely adopted the language....

How To Submit Pull Requests to the ColdBox Platform [+]
ColdBox Blog | 9/1/15 12:00 AM | Bugs, Community, Tips & Tricks, Walkthroughs
The best part about open source projects is you! Many hands make light work and at Ortus we love getting input from the many smart community members out there. The first way you can help is to report bugs or enhancements in our ticket tracking system. You can read our guide for that here: The second thing you can do is to actually submit fixes yourself! This may seem scary, but it's a pretty straight forward proc

Upcoming Ionic/Bluemix Presentations in Asia [+]
Raymond Camden'sBlog | 8/31/15 7:00 PM | Development, Mobile, Bluemix, Cordova, Ionic
After spending last week in Australia and New Zealand (NZ wins for best food and beer), I’ll be heading around the planet again next week for more sessions on Apache Cordova, Ionic, and Bluemix. Next week I’ll be hitting Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, and Manilla. I’ve got details for my sessions for the first two cities and will post the Manilla links when I can. (A quick note – the details on these sessions may change a bit.)

Simplified blog categories [+]
Polymorphism | 8/31/15 1:00 PM | Marketing, Blogging, organization, simple
When I redesigned the Glass Case Blog, I put this tagline at the top of the home page and in the masthead above each subpage: A blog about software engineering, marketing, and life as an entrepreneur. That’s it. That’s what the blog is about, right? When I published this new design, this was the list of blog categories at that time: Analytics Blogging Business Content Management

Manually Patching ColdFusion 9 with APSB15-21 (CVE-2015-3269) [+]
David C. Epler's Blog | 8/31/15 10:00 AM | ColdFusion, Security
So ColdFusion 9 core support ended on December 31, 2014. As such, Adobe has not released any security updates for it since APSB14-23 on October 14, 2014. There was a question regarding the latest security patch,

ColdFusion: exactly what you are installing when you install this recent security "hot fix" [+]
Adam Cameron's CFML Blog | 8/30/15 10:00 AM | Adobe, ColdFusion 10, ColdFusion 11
G'day:Adobe recently released a security fix for a security issue in ColdFusion's Flash Remoting services. It impacts all versions of ColdFusion which ship with Flash Remoting (that's at least ColdFusion 9 through ColdFusion 11, but possibly older versions too). Only CF10 and CF11 have been patched, although Piyush claim

Mura Basics: Getting Help [+]
Mura CMS Blog | 8/28/15 9:00 PM
As the Mura CMS community continues to expand and evolve, there are a growing number of ways to find out about Mura, and an increasing number of sources for useful tips, samples, ideas and instructions.For new developers, this can be both encouraging and overwhelming.

Accessing The View-Model Inside The Link Function When Using Controller-As In AngularJS [+]
Kinky Solutions | 8/28/15 1:00 PM | Javascript / DHTML
Ben Nadel demonstrates how to access the "view model" inside the directive link function when you are using the "controller as" syntax in AngularJS....

Creating A ReactJS-Inspired "Props" Object In AngularJS [+]
Kinky Solutions | 8/28/15 1:00 PM | Javascript / DHTML
Ben Nadel looks at how the concept of "props" in ReactJS can be implemented in AngularJS when building component directives that use the isolate scope....

ColdFusion: another security hole has been patched (CF10 and CF11) [+]
Adam Cameron's CFML Blog | 8/27/15 7:00 PM | ColdFusion 10, ColdFusion 11
G'day:Just so yer aware, another update for ColdFusion was released this afternoon (UK time). Apparently there's a security hole in ColdFusion's BlazeDS integration which has been fixed. I don't actually know what CF uses BlazeDS for, I have to admit. I don't even know what BlazeDS even is, now that I come to think of it. [quickly googles...]BlazeDS is a server-based Java remoting and web messaging

ColdFusion 11 Update 6 and ColdFusion 10 Update 17 now available [+]
Adobe ColdFusion Blog | 8/27/15 6:00 PM | Security, Adobe ColdFusion, Adobe ColdFusion 10, Adobe ColdFusion 11, ColdFusion, ColdFusion 11
The following ColdFusion updates are now available for download. These updates address a common XXE vulnerability in BlazeDS. For details refer the security bulletin hyperlinks in the sections below. Users who are using LCDS with ColdFusion, should refer this technote, for updating their LCDS installation. ColdFusion 11 Update 6 This Update addresses a vulner

Experimenting With "Query String Zones" In AngularJS [+]
Kinky Solutions | 8/27/15 1:00 PM | Javascript / DHTML
Ben Nadel looks at how to use custom directives, in AngularJS, to generate HREF values that only affect the query-string portion of the URL....

CFML: how should int() behave? [+]
Adam Cameron's CFML Blog | 8/27/15 12:39 PM | CFML, John Whish, Salted
G'day:One of the scintillating conversations on the CFML Slack channel today was regarding people's expectations of CFML's int() function. Ross had this expression:int(35 - (1013 / (13+1)))And he quite legitimately expected the result to be -37 (the float value before converting to an int is -37.357142857143). However because CFML is daft (IMO), its integer conversion follows this rule:Calcul

Faux File Upload Input [+]
Chris Tierney | 8/27/15 4:00 AM | HTML, file, upload
The element <input type=”file”> is very ugly in most browsers and it seems that even Bootstrap didn’t put any effort into sprucing it up. My end objective was to have a user press a rectangle box with a title inside which would open a file dialog and ultimately upload that file. At first I thought this would be easy after some quick research in Google land. Not so. Note: I’m using the jQuery 2.x library in my examples

AngularJS, Jasmine Testing, and Mocking Global Objects [+]
Cutter's Crossing | 8/26/15 6:00 PM | JavaScript, Jasmine, AngularJS
So, you've made the jump to writing tests for your code. You've discovered the value of TDD, and even integrated it into your CI process. Awesome! Well, until your tests fail. Then you bang your head against your desk, trying to figure out how to test "this" scenario, and get totally frustrated by the lack of information. Makes you want to quit writing code and start driving the little cart around the driving range that picks up the golf balls. We've all been there.

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