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Here is the complete and total list of blogs in use here.

1SmartSolution Blog
A blog mostly on ColdFusion, RIA and SQL

2 devs from down under
2 devs from down under

A little bit of what interests me.
ColdFusion, Flex, Gaming, and more.

Aaron Longnion's Tech Blob
Aaron Longnion's Tech Blob

Aaron West's Technology Blog
The personal site of Aaron West. Includes Aaron's blog and tons of information on ColdFusion, Flash, and other Macromedia technologies.

The website of Terrence Ryan

Adam Cameron's CFML Blog
Adam Cameron's CFML Blog

Adam Howitt's Blog
A blog for ColdFusion, Java, and other topics.

Adobe ColdFusion Blog
Adobe ColdFusion Blog

Tariq Ahmed on Technology :: Management :: Business

Akbarsait's ColdFusion Blog
ColdFusion, Web Development and other stuff....

Aliaspooryorik Musings
My thoughts on web development with ColdFusion and jQuery

Anuj Gakhar's Blog
Failure is Success if we learn from it

As simple as possible, as complex as necessary
As simple as possible, as complex as necessary

Ben Forta

Big Mad Kev
Big Mad Kev

Blog -
Blog -

Blog RSS Feed by Akitogo
Magento, Digital Asset Management, Akitogo related stuff

Blog in Black
Blog in Black

Brandner Blog
Brandner blog - family blog, related to everything for the family, including some technical web related material.

Going beneath the surface of ColdFusion
RSS feed for Contains the most recently updated UDFs.

CFML Craftsmanship Blog
CFML Craftsmanship Blog

CFUNITED news and ColdFusion news. Weekly podcast of sessions

CFVonner's Mumblings
CFVonner's Mumblings


A blog about ColdFusion, Railo, Web Development, and other things that make the CF Gears in my head turn.

Develop - Deploy - Deliver

Cameron Childress
The Sumo blog will generally be technical in nature, but will definitely have random non-technical things sprinkled throughout.


Charlie Arehart's Blog
The web home of veteran CFML developer, Charlie Arehart.

Chris Mallinson
Chris Mallinson is a web developer in Vancouver, BC.

Chris Tierney
ColdFusion, jQuery and other stuff...

Code Caito
Code Caito

Code Monkey
The random notes from a random no-one

Coder's Revolution
Following RIA's, Adobe products, and coding in general.

ColdBox Blog
The official ColdBox Blog

ColdFusion Beyond
Formerly LearnCF, ColdFusion Beyond has been providing a random assortment of tools, tips, and tutorials related to ColdFusion web application development and relational databases since 2004! Now it also covers of jQuery, the Mach-II framework, and other web development topics.

ColdFusion Chef
Web Development, Design, and then some...

ColdFusion Developer Community
ColdFusion Developer Community

ColdFusion Solution
Troubleshootings and Tweaks

ColdFusion and Stuff
This blog is all about tricks/tweaks/details of ColdFusion and related technologies

ColdFusion on Wheels Blog
ColdFusion on Wheels Blog

ColdFusion, Java, and Web Development

Coldfusion Developer
Paul Klinkenberg on coldfusion and other code

Coldfusion Muse
Tips, insights and techniques for working with Coldfusion and other Macromedia products.

Common Man's Rants and Raves
A place to hear me complain. Perhaps I'll strike a chord with something you're feeling is out of place, unjust or plain stupid. (The chord won't be E Major...I promise.)

Compound Theory
This is Mark Mandel's Blog on ColdFusion, Java, software development, and other random musings.

Computer Know How
Computer Know How

Cutter's Crossing
General news, opinions, theories, and tutorials on ColdFusion, Web Development, Computing, and Life in General


Dan Vega
The post it notes of a cf developer

Dan's Shorts
Musings of a ColdFusion Coder and all-around nice guy.

Dana Kowalski
Dana Kowalski

DashCapper - Fred Anderson
ColdFusion, Probability, GO! and whatever else I am thinking about today.

Dave Ferguson's Blog
Dave's ramblings about ColdFusion and other items direct from the trenches.

David C. Epler's Blog
David C. Epler's Blog

Dopefly Tech Blog
techie geeky web dev stuff

ColdFusion Developer's personal and technical blog

Dr James Bayley
Dr James Bayley - Railo and ColdFusion Feed

FW/1 - The Invisible Framework
FW/1 - The Invisible Framework

Frank Fusion
Frank Fusion

FusionReactor Java Performance Monitor: Blog
FusionReactor Java Performance Monitor: Blog

Technology blog about ColdFusion, JBoss, AJAX, IT issues and other interests

Fusioned with ColdFusion
A blog on ColdFusion, Flex and some cool applications.

Gavin Pickin - A Minute in the mind of Me
Gavin Pickin - A Minute in the mind of Me

Ian Winter
Have you found the instructions yet?

Indiver Nagpal's Flex and ColdFusion Blog
Adventures in using Flex 2.0, ColdFusionMX and other interesting stuff.

Into the Box Conference
Into the Box Conference

Iterate Me: Brian Klass
Educational, software development and pop culture all mashed up.

Jason Dean -
ColdFusion, Database, MVC, Frameworks, and whatever else I feel like

Jim.Leether - The VW Code
Jim.Leether - The VW Code

Jon Hartmann
Technical blog of Jon Hartmann, covering ColdFusion, Javascript, and whatever interests me.

Josh Adam's Blog
Josh Adams's blog about Adobe ColdFusion, Flex, AIR, and more!

Kaffien Blog
Kaffien Blog. Two Programmers with a bit of everything. Coldfusion, Flex, Java and Acrobat.

Kinky Solutions
ColdFusion and web applications development meets fun and kinky

Line Comments
Line Comments

Luis Majano's Coldfusion/Java Blog
This site is dedicated to help the coldfusion/java community. It includes coding examples, tools, source code, etc. All the necessary tools to help out the developer community. Articles on technology, java, coldfusion, news, movies, music, etc.

Making It Up As I Go Along
ColdFusion, Confusion and Life on the Web

Marcus Fernstrom
Marcus Fernstrom

Mark Drew on Code
Mark Drew on Code

Matt Busche's Blog
Matt talks about ColdFusion, jQuery, Ruby and other random things.

Matt Busche's blog
ColdFusion, jQuery, and other fun things

Matt Woodward's Blog
Matt Woodward's Blog

Mura CMS Blog
News, Tips, and Tricks from the Mura CMS team

North Carolina's Premiere Web Conference

Nando @ Aria Media
Nando @ Aria Media

Nialls Blog
Nialls Blog

Omnicypher - Michael Imhoff
Blog specializing in RIA and Web applications with a focus on ColdFusion, Flex, and SQL Server.

Orange is my favorite color
Blog for Brian Ghidinelli

Ortus Solutions, Corp Blog RSS Feed by ContentBox
Ortus Solutions, Corp Blog RSS Feed by ContentBox
About ColdFusion and Developing Software

OxAlto Design Blog - Coldfusion
OxAlto Design - ColdFusion and other such web musings.

Paul Alkema
Discussions of Web Development and Security

Philadelphia CFUG
Philadelphia ColdFusion User Group website, containing news and announcements for the greater Philadelphia area ColdFusion community.

Placona's Blog
Blog about ColdFusion, Flex, CFEClipse, Java and all the related new stuff coming up.

using the right technology at the right time

Ramblings of an Internet MoFo
Ramblings of an Internet MoFo

Raymond Camden'sBlog
Raymond Camden's blog on ColdFusion, jQuery, Mobile, Flex, and other topics.

Remote Synthesis
Mostly discussion of technical issues and resources related to ColdFusion and SQL development.

Rey Bango
Not Your Average Web Dev

Russ "Snake" Michaels
Russ (snake) Michaels Blog. Mainly about work related (coldfusion) stuff, but I try and squeeze in some non worky stuff too.

Ryan Vikander's Development Blog
Ryan Vikander's Development Blog

Ryan's ColdFusion and Web Development Blog
Ryan's ColdFusion and Web Development Blog

Serving business and institutions with matched technology.

Web technologies, ColdFusion, Security and life from my side of table...

Sean Corfield

Shane's ramblings
Discussions of Coldfusion, life, the universe, and everything

Shaun Mccran Blog

South of Shasta
Adventures in web development, and related musings.

Spilling Over an Eclectic Mix of Thoughts for Your Thrills

Sumit's RIA Blog
Sumit's RIA Blog

My Thoughts, Opinions, Learnings and Discoveries

Team Ravenglass
Team Ravenglass

A few ideas to help budding entrepreneurs in there selection of website designers, web developers, and e-commerce companies.

TeraTech Excellent Software blog
ColdFusion tips, server tuning and CF success stories

The Byte Stops Here
Web Software Architecture and Engineering

The Computer Wizards
A place for various Computer Wizards to Blog about their favorite topics.

The Dev Shack
Thoughts From the World of Tech

The Harmonious Programmer
Personal blog about CF, Mach-II and related technologies.

The Rich Blog
The Rich Blog

The World Wide Web According to â?¦
Flash, Flex, ColdFusion, JavaScript, CSS, etc.

Thought Delimited
A place for me to share my thoughts, my experiences, and my projects with other people.

Tidal Fusion - Blog
Tidal Fusion - Blog

Tom Jordahl's Musings
Random thoughts about ColdFusion, Web Services, Apache Axis, Tivo and other stuff
Support site for Dreamweaver books and extensions


Yacoblog - where design and dev meet: the personal blog of web developer Andy Matthews
Whether or not you ask the Benore his opinion, he will give it to you. This blog articulates the Benore's stand on just about everything but he likes to focus on ColdFusion (CF) and technology. CF, for the uninitiated is a web programming language built on top of Java. In the Benore's opinion, it is the best language for novices, experts, and everyone in between., the official blog site of the Benore.

cfGothChic | A reformed ColdFusion 5tagger
A blog dedicated to learning OO in ColdFusion.

Columns from a corporate ColdFusion developer

A ColdFusion blog with some twists. The Twists are BlueDragon and PostgreSQL DB server. I also specialize in JVM tuning and monitoring.

General web dev stuff: ColdFusion, Railo, Javascript, etc...

RIA, cfmx, systems configuration, programming, database administration, general developers tools, and other information

This blog contains the miscellaneous ramblings, thoughts and interests of Dan G. Switzer, II.

do not adjust your mind
Blog for Zac Spitzer.
CFML, HTML, CSS, Javascript and those other web things all mixed together

kay lives here
ColdFusion, Fusebox and cool tools from the most remote spot on the planet: Perth, Western Australia.


Blog of Justin Carter.

onTap Framework
News, announcements and tips for using the onTap SOA framework.

ColdFusion developer blog. coder
ColdFusion on the Fly
Personal Blog, portfolio and sandbox of a Pittsburgh based CFML Developer, Todd Rafferty. Todd focuses on jQuery, CFML (Adobe / Railo) and technology in general.