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Why I'm Digging Eleventy [+]
Raymond Camden'sBlog | 10/12/19 10:00 AM | static sites
It’s been quiet around here lately and for that I apologize. Between the new job and a bunch of trips and presentations, I’ve not had much time for exploration. Next week I’m giving a presentation at on static sites (The Platform Formally Known as Static). It’s been a while since I presented on static sites (the JAMStack) so I’ve been updating my slide deck in preparation. When I present on the JAMStack, I typically focus on one

Team Volunteering event at the Open Heart Kitchen [+]
Aftershox | 10/11/19 7:00 PM | Uncategorized, fortivecares, volunteer
We (the Pleasanton, CA based Teletrac Navman team) had an exciting day yesterday with two volunteering events at the Open Heart Kitchen. First one was helping out at the Robert Livermore Community Center, serving lunch to the elderly. The second was packaging 2700+ brown bag lunches for kids. Was a lot of fun, and big thanks to our Pleasanton, CA based volunteering team!

Innovation Day 2019 at Teletrac Navman [+]
Aftershox | 10/11/19 7:00 PM | Uncategorized, innovation
Wrapping up our annual 24 hour hackathon that we call Innovation Day. We had 8 teams competing across 4 countries on the categories of overall winner, biggest benefit to the customer, most innovative, and audience favorite. It blows me away every year what the teams are able to produce in such a short period of time – and then have the guts to do live demos to the entire company; really cool stuff from creative data visualization, to artificial intelligence, and business process automat

Counting IP Addresses in a Log File [+]
ColdFusion, Java, and Web Development | 10/11/19 1:00 PM | Linux
I've been using grep to search through files on linux / mac for years, but one flag I didn't use much until recently is the -o flag. This tells grep to only output the matched pattern (instead of lines that mach the pattern). This feature turns out to be pretty handy, lets say you want to find all the IP addresses in a file. You just need to come up with a regular expression to match an IP, I'll use

Modernize or Die® - CFML News for October 8th, 2019 [+]
Modernize or Die | 10/11/19 12:30 PM
Watch video version on YouTube Weekly News - Episode 22Hosts: Gavin Pickin - Software Consultant for Ortus Solutions Brad Wood - Lead Architect for Ortus Solutions News and EventsHacktoberfestHacktoberfest® is open to everyone in our global community. Whether you’re a developer, student learning to code, event host, or c

Modernize or Die® - CFML News for October 1st, 2019 - Live from Adobe CF Summit 2019 [+]
Modernize or Die | 10/11/19 12:30 PM
Welcome to the Modernize or Die Podcast - CFML News Edition - Live from Adobe CF Summit 2019. At the end of Day One of CF Summit, Gavin, Brad and several other members of team Ortus give you a report on the Conference so far and what you might be missing out on. The pre-conference was a big success, Adobe's keynote talked about Adobe ColdFusion 2020 features and focus, and lots of great sessions. This episode is short and sweet, as the Conference Reception/Party was rocking, and we didn

Adobe ColdFusion Comprehensive Guide (More Powerful, More Modernized, More Alive) [+]
Adobe ColdFusion Blog | 10/11/19 8:30 AM | Blog, CF2018 Updates, ColdFusion 2018, 2018, blog, cf2018 updates, coldfusion 2018
Programming in CFML has become cool. It used to be reserved for the top 1% of the crowd and for the government. Not anymore. As the CIO of a top company, you have a responsibility to use the top-notch resources available out th

TIL: Generating .xlsx Files with CFML - An Easy Way to Reduce File Size [+]
Matthew J. Clemente | 10/11/19 8:30 AM
Just a quick note about generating XLSX (Excel) files with ColdFusion, which basically amounts to me regurgitating the documentation. It’s a small change in code, but the reduction in spreadsheet file size can be considerable. Some Background I’ve been under the (mistaken) impression that when generating spreadsheet files with ColdFusion, my options were limited to XLS or CSV. I would generate the former using the built-in spreadsheet functio

Thought Experiment: Splitting A Single Data Table Up Into High-Writes And High-Reads For Better Performance In MySQL [+]
Kinky Solutions | 10/11/19 7:30 AM | ColdFusion, Redis, SQL, Work
Ben Nadel thinks about locking contention on a MySQL database table that has both high-write and high-read traffic. And, as a thought experiment, he considers ways in which to split the data up in order to create better application performance....

ColdFusion Summit 2019 – Presentation Files [+]
Adobe ColdFusion Blog | 10/11/19 6:00 AM | Uncategorized
The seventh edition of ColdFusion Summit happened in Vegas from Oct 1st – 2nd. There were more than 500 attendees from 320+ accounts being represented. We had four tracks with 40 sessions. Thank you to everyone that attended Adobe ColdFusion Summit 2019 and to the Presenters for the awesome sessions! Thanks to all the Presenters for sharing their slide decks. Please find below the content from the sessions: ColdFusion and Vue – building CFML-powered reactive ap

Adobe ColdFusion Comprehensive Guide (More Powerful, More Modernized, More Alive) [+]
TeraTech | 10/11/19 4:00 AM | CF Alive, CF Tags, CF Training, CF Vs. Other Languages, CFML, ColdFusion 2018, ColdFusion 2020, Cool Stuff
Programming in CFML has become cool.  It used to be reserved for the top 1% of the crowd an

Thoughts on the ColdFusion Specialist Program Exam [+]
Adobe ColdFusion Blog | 10/10/19 4:30 PM | Blog, ColdFusion, Training, blog, cfsummit, training
So, I blogged about the online part of the ColdFusion Specialist program and the in-person section.  What about the exam?  So as I mentioned in my notes on the in-person section of the program, the exam is multiple choice and consists of 40 questions.  I can’t verify that it was from a pool of 100 questions but no reason not to believe that was the case.  It is all online and you will get an hour to complete. I mentioned how the instructor in the in-person segment made a point to

CFCamp 2019 Speaker Twitter List [+]
Adobe ColdFusion Blog | 10/10/19 9:00 AM | Blog, ColdFusion, Training, blog, training
It worked pretty well having the ColdFusion Summit 2019 speaker list ( so i decided to to do the same for the CF Camp 2019 speakers.  This list can be found here:  This one is a bit more important, for me at least, as I won’t be attending

Playing With Lists And Blocking Pop Operations In Redis And Lucee [+]
Kinky Solutions | 10/10/19 8:00 AM | ColdFusion, Redis
Ben Nadel realizes that his mental model for Redis Lists was laughably inaccurate. So, in order to permanently correct his poor assumptions, he experiments with Redis List operations, writing to and reading from a super simple List-based message queue....

ColdFusion Summit 2019 Recap [+]
South of Shasta | 10/10/19 1:00 AM | ColdFusion, ColdFusion Summit
Last week was the 2019 ColdFusion Summit in Las Vegas. This year brought the conference back to The Mirage (last year’s event was at The Hard Rock Cafe). and by all accounts was a big success! Who are these jokers that keep spouting off about how “ColdFusion is dead”? Clearly they’ve never been to the ColdFusion Summit (or any recent CF conference for that matter).

Recursively Counting files by Extension on Mac or Linux [+]
ColdFusion, Java, and Web Development | 10/9/19 5:00 PM | Linux
Back in 2004 I wrote up a blog entry showing how to get a count of files by a specific extension, for example if I want to know how many js files are in a directory, you can run this: find /some/dir | fgrep -c '.js' The -c in grep tells it to count the matches, I'm using fgrep here because I'm not using a regex (to avoid escaping the dot). The above would also match a file, or a direct

Come speak on the CFMeetup (online CFUG). A FAQ for prospective speakers [+]
Charlie Arehart's Blog | 10/9/19 1:00 PM | presentations, community, coldfusion meetup events, news, training
Do you have a presentation you've given or would like to offer to a CF/CFML audience? There is a waiting audience of a couple thousand members of the Online ColdFusion Meetup, the online CF user group which I host, who would love to see your talk and/or its recording that we'd make. This post is a FAQ for such prospective speakers. TLDR: We'd love to have

Adobe ColdFusion Summit 2019 [+]
Matthew J. Clemente | 10/9/19 8:00 AM
I had the opportunity to present two sessions at this year’s Adobe ColdFusion Summit in Las Vegas - the first on Docker Swarm, the second on CFML API wrappers. While I’d given both previously, these were updated versions - there’s always room for improvement and changes in this space can happen with disconcerting speed. As in years past, preparing for the talks took up more time than anticipated and prevented me from blogging

Error after accessing ColdFusion Administrator using connector port [+]
Adobe ColdFusion Blog | 10/9/19 2:00 AM | Adobe ColdFusion 2016, Adobe ColdFusion 2018, apache, connector, iis, isapi_redirect.dll
Users who had installed Update 5 of ColdFusion (2018 release) and Update 12 of ColdFusion (2016 release) encountered an error after they’d tried accessing the ColdFusion Administrator using their connector port. The issue was reported by a few users that it might impact all their websites. This issue appears if and only if you access the ColdFusion Administrator using the web server port. We strongly recommend that you access ColdFusion Administrator

ColdFusion Summit Notes: Please Pass the Salt: Serve Up Passwords With a Side of Entropy, Brad Wood [+]
South of Shasta | 10/9/19 1:30 AM | ColdFusion, ColdFusion Summit, Notes
Pro tip: when Brad Wood is giving a talk at a conference, make attending said talk a priority -- you'll learn a lot. But also take notes, because he'll throw a ton of info at you in rapid fire succession interspersed with jokes, delivered just as quickly. I think it's all the Mountain Dew. ;)

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